The NFTs

Explore the exclusive serie of Sinners Only Saints Forbidden (S.O.S.F.) with its first collection #Luka !

An exciting collection of unique and rare 10,000 NFTs available on Ethereum Blockchain and Opensea.

All the fictional characters explore their 3 Bi’s side (Bicultural, Bisexual and Bipolar).

A big portion of all revenue from SOSF NFT Project will be given to charities working on multiculturalism, mental health and LGBTQ+.


The Artist

Universalium is a digital artist who embraces her 3 Bi ‘s side (i.e. Bicultural, Bixesual and Bipolar) like the fictional caracters she creates.

Before converting herself  into the NFT world, Universalium used to manage multi-million large-scale international projects in the field of sustainable development with international charities.


Digital Artist, e-Marketer, Blockchain Developper

NFTs Roadmap

A realistic Roadmap for the Collections "Sinners Only Saints Forbidden (S.O.S.F.)"

Preparation of the NFTs Launch (100%)

Step One

Conforting Collectibles Value and Add-ons (35%)

Step Three

Successful Launch of NFTs (100%)

Step Two

Preparing new Collections and a Book (10 %)

Step Four

NFT drop starts in:

Be the first one to get your NFT from Sinners Only Saints Forbidden (S.O.S.F.) first Collection #Luka !

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