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Discover the Collection “Sinners Only Saingts Forbidden #Luka” (S.O.S.F.).

In this original collection of 10,000 unique and rare NFTs, the Artist Universalium invites to explore her universe of 3 Bi’s (Bicultural, Bisexual and Bipolar).

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NFT Project: Sinners Only Saints Forbidden (S.O.S.F.)

With its First Collection #Luka.

This first Collection of  10,000 unique and rare NFTs is titled “Sinners Only Saint Forbidden (S.O.S.F.) #Luka”.

The collection explores the 3 Bi’s (Bicultural, Bisexual and Bipolar) side of the fictional characters named #Luka.

All NFT are authenticated and confirms ownership though a smart contract on the Ethereum Blockchain.

All new collections from S.O.S.F. will be based on feedback from Members whose NFTs serve as digital identity to benefit of member features including collaborative drawing.

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An original and interactive collaboration with collectors will be put in place.

Each collected NFT will serve as digital identity in the website of Universalium - Member corner.

The are will host benefits such as collaborative drawing of new collections as a fun feedback game.

This will ensure among others that new collection are well reflecting the aspirations of collectors.


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