A self-made multi-skilled Digital Artist


Digital Artist, e-Marketer, Blockchain Developper

Universalium is a self-made Digital Artist with multi skills in Blockchain Devlopment and E-Marketing.

She embraces in her artistic creations her 3 Bi’s (Bicultural, Bisexual and Bipolar) side. Her first collection of 10,000 NFTs named “Sinners Only Saints Forbidden (S.O.S.F.)” is a representation of these thematics.

Before converting herself in the cryptoart field, Universalium used to manage multi-million and large scale projects in the field of sustainable development.


Our NFT Sales

Each NFT have specific background informing wheter it is a bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, rainbow and universal asset.

Each of these categories informs of an intended minimum floor price for the collectors and open to their owners specific membership benefits.

Artist's Experience

Here are some key experience of the digital artist Universalium

0 years

On International Projects

0 years

On Digital Marketing

0 years

On Digital Art

0 years

On Community


Specific Skills

Universalium combines both the skills of managing large-scale and international projects but also of content driven skills in digital art sector.

Here are some of these skills which are deployed for the Collection “Sinners Only Saints Forbidden” (S.O.S.F.)

Art Quality
Designer 100%
Blockchain Knowledge
Developper 80%
Community Support
Design and Animation 95%
Marketing Knowledge
E-Marketing 90%
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