NFTs Roadmap

A realistic Roadmap for the Collections "Sinners Only Saints Forbidden (S.O.S.F.)"

Preparation of the NFTs Launch (100%)

Step One

Conforting Collectibles Value and Add-ons (35%)

Step Three

Successful Launch of NFTs (100%)

Step Two

Preparing new Collections and a Book (10 %)

Step Four


NFT Investment?

Investing in cryptoart is a growing and secure market. The current market of NFTs (Non Fungable Tokens) market is estimated at $41 billion, and still growing.

Investing in S.O.S.F. Collection is not only securing a safe and frutuous investment but also enable its owners to use their NFTs commercially.


Key NFTs Features

Some of the benefits of the Collections "Sinners Only Saints Forbidden" (S.O.S.F.)

Non Fungable Tokens (NFTs)

Each piece of art live on the Ethereum Blockchain and are unique and rare.


Unlike other NFTs, each collection and piece of art tells a story celebrating 3 Bi's (Bicultural, Bisexual and Bipolar).

Smart Contract on Ethereum

All the unique and rare NFTs from S.O.S.F. Collection live on Ethereum Blockchain guaranteeing its authenticity and ownership.

Need more question about the NFTs project?

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